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Amateur sports continues to rise, from eyeballs on the games, increased stakes at play, to the $ spent by parents each year. There has never been more interest in youth sports.

36M+ kids play organized sports each year in the US (Ages 5-18). Youth sports make up a $15+ billion industry that has seen it go from localized participation to nationwide travel tournaments for kids as young as 8 years old. Youth sports encompasses a wide range of sports that all have one constant in common: Sports officials


Problem facing amateur sports

The growth of amateur games demands more sports officials. However this is a problem that has slowly turned into a silent epidemic for all sports: Referee shortages. A lack of qualified, certified officials is causing 100s of cancelled games across the US weekly.

The current ecosystem between sports officials & game providers is inefficient, antiquated and provides officials no control.This leads to low retenton and recruitment rates across all officials. What can be done?


Silbo RefXchange

The Silbo RefXchange - is the first ever managed marketplace for sports officials. Giving more control, more acess, more accountability than ever before to sports officials.

At Silbo we give the control back to the sports official, improving the experience, helping retention & recruiting of the next generation of sports officials. Become a silbo official and join the #Refolution

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