Do you currently manage the scheduling for youth sport games in your town/area. Silbo allows you to centrally manage all of your officiating needs across multiple sports.

Removing the need to deal with a number of different booking agents. Need baseball umpires? Basketball refs? Silbo lets you manage & pay all of your officials in one centralized location.



Whether you need officials for 1 game or 1000 games, we have you covered at Silbo. Silbo connects you with qualified, verified officials across all sports. With Silbo you get to control what level of official can do you game, receive feedback on each game, track all of your payments. Silbo handles all payment and 1099s for the officials working your games.



Putting on a tournament for the first time or do you run a regularly occurring event that needs officials - Silbo can solve all of your officiating needs. Optimize officiating for your next tournament like never before.

Increased digital tracking for locations, assignments, feedback and payment. Post your schedule to the RefXchange marketplace head of time and let Silbo reduce one of the major headaches that comes with hosting a tournament.



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Easier, Faster Financial Management

Silbo makes financial management easy with digital payments, no more tediously cutting checks or filing 1099s. Keep track of your payment history in our online dashboard.

Detailed records

Track every wage you’ve paid, no more wondering whether a referee has been paid.

Automated Payment

Payment is sent digitally through Silbo, no accountant work needed.

Pay as you go

You are billed when the game occurs, no writing checks ahead of time.

Safe, secure and fast

Silbo is PCI compliant, all data is encrypted and none of your sensitive data is stored by Silbo.


-Silbo Benefits-

The Silbo web portal was designed for busy administrators, giving them the management powers they need without making them painful and difficult to use. Silbo handles all payment & tax drudgery. Automated 1099, and IRS e-filing liberate you to concentrate on other important aspects of running your games.

Access to more officials

Referees across the RefXchange marketplace can work for you, not just one network or association’s.

Upload games instantly

Post your games in four easy steps with our uploading tool.

Real-time data

Watch your schedule for updates on a game’s status, payments, and referee feedback.

Automated Payment

Payment is sent digitally through Silbo, no accountant work needed.We handle everything.

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More Insight into you Leagues, Club or Tournament

Silbo provides the tools for an administrator to learn more about the referees working their games. Receiving real time feedback on their games & locations.


Refs evaluate one another after games, and Silbo’s evaluation algorithm gives you a trustworthy rating of each official’s level


Officials must check into games on the Silbo mobile app when they arrive at the site to prove the game occurred

Real Feedback

Refs review their experience after each game, offering you insights to improve the experience for players, fans, and referees

Loading my schedule, releasing the games when I need to on the RefXchange has been a major help. Once you use it once you wonder why you haven't seen a solution liek this before

Joe John - League Administrator

Silbo saves me so much time each week, frees me up to handle the other items I need to for a successful league.

Mike Griffen - League Owner

I get to work games closer to where I live, reducing my commute time & allwoing me to work more games. I'd rather work a game in the time I usually sat in traffic.

Michael Teston - Sports official

Silbos RefXchange is a little different at first, scheduling myself seemed strange initially. But once I saw how easy it was to use & got paid consistently - I was hooked.

Taylor Smith - Basketball official & Umpire

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

What is Silbo?

Silbo is the first digital marketplace connecting sports officials to amateur sports games. By downloading our free mobile app, referees can self-schedule themselves to games they’d like to work and get paid for that game via direct deposit.

How does it work?

Game providers(Leagues, Torunament directors) publish their game schedules to a marketplace. Through Silbo, officials can see all of the relevant information about a game, get directions to the field, and self-assign to games.

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How do I get started?

Click on the contact sales button above or drop us an email at info@gosilbo.com. One of our dedicated sales representatives will be in contact with you.

Do you handle payment?

Yes. Siblo handles the transaction from League to official. All officials are paid via direct deposit, all payments sent by the league throught the Silbo platform are tracked and monitored.

What about Taxes / 1099s?

Silbo takes care of all of this. We provide 1099s to officials, removing the need for a game provider to worry about any payroll issues. Silbo is your one stop shop for handling all offficiating needs.

How much does Silbo cost?

Silbo is free to download!