What is Silbo?

Silbo empowers officials to take control of their careers by allowing them to schedule their own games wherever and whenever they want. Silbo is the first officiating marketplace where you are your own boss.

Silbo gives you the ability to choose the games you want to work on the RefXchange™ marketplace. Silbo pays automatically through the app. Get paid consistently, on time, every time.

Why Silbo?


Control your own schedule

Work the days you want to work. Use the app at any time of the day to find the games you want to work. With Go Silbo™, you are your own boss.


Get paid consistently

Get paid digitally via weekly direct deposit. No more waiting and no more paper checks.


Ref Community

The Silbo community is full of friendly faces. We provide an outlet for officials to communicate & provide mentorship with one another.

Download and Get Started

Referees and umpires can download the Go Silbo™ mobile app in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Take control of your schedule and your career today.

Build your digital history and a professional resume you can take anywhere.

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The Silbo mobile app allows officials to control their schedule right from their phones.

Access more leagues — you have access to more leagues across the RefXchange™ marketplace.

Instantly reserve a game — if you see a game you want, take it, it’s all yours.

Game taken? Try Waitlisting — add yourself to waitlists and get notified if the position becomes available.



Silbo has payments built right into the app, no more tediously cashing checks and filling out 1099s at the field.

Keep detailed & transparent records — track every wage you’ve earned, no more wondering whether you’re missing a check.

Get paid instantly online — receive payment straight to your bank account via direct deposit.

Payment simplified — we pay out our refs the same time every week, no more waiting on checks or hassling teams for cash at the field.

Safe, secure and fast— our payment processor is PCI compliant, all data is encrypted and none of your sensitive data is stored by Silbo.




You focus on officiating, we’ll focus on the rest. Silbo software offers all the administrative and logistical features you need to work, letting you focus on the game.

Less travel — access games closer to home, only work games where you want.

Work the games that make sense — pick from the leagues, ages groups, and sports you prefer.

Need to call someone? — you have the contact info you need, from your partner to the site coordinator, connected to your phone and email apps.



Silbo gives officials a direct line to communicate feedback to the leagues they work for, and allows umpires and referees to build a digital record of their work.

Build a digital resume — keep track of the games you work wherever you go.

Share your thoughts — give feedback about your experience to the league at the end of every game.

Never lose your game history again — you have access to your entire history should you move to a new place or try-out for collegiate or professional officiating.



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Silbo Officials feedback

See how your fellow officials feel about Silbo.

I can see where Silbo is going to make a quick impact on the officiating community

Scott Toth

So simple to use.

Bryan Brammer

It’s a cool app that allows me to work games close to my home.

Cecil Batchlor

I completed my profile, went through their easy verification process and umpired games through the app the next week.

Rob Coiley

Getting paid on a set schedule via direct deposit is an awesome feature of Silbo

Mike Cargain

Silbo is cool because I can umpire games when I’m not in my home town

Chris Kennedy

Silbo is the future of officiating

Louis DeCarilous

Silbo removes a lot of barriers that most people do not realize that officials face

Jason Hedley

Silbo is the logica next step to improve an antiquated way of thinking

Josh Alexander

The app makes sense and is fun to use

Anthony Whitaker

It’s an awesome concept

Carlton Baker

Need to contact Silbo?

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

What is Silbo?

Silbo is the managed marketplace connecting sports officials to amateur sports games. Game providers upload their games to the RefXchange™ marketplace. Qualified referees select games they’d like to work through the Go Silbo™ app.

Can does it work?

Through the Go Silbo™ app, you have access to any game on our marketplace that you’re qualified to officiate. Just select the games you want to work.

After you have officiated a game, you will be paid through the app via direct deposit. Payments are transferred to Silbo officials at the same time every week.

What sports can I do through Silbo?

Silbo has sports ranging from baseball to flag football. If want to officiate it, chances are we have it.

What information does Silbo need to get started?

  • Your address
  • Last 4 of your Social Security Number*
  • Your bank account number*
  • Your bank routing number*

Who do I contact to get paid?

Silbo pays regularly via direct deposit. You no longer need to track down checks or payments after a game. The Go Silbo™ app provides tracking for all of the games you work. If there are ever any issues, you can contact help@gosilbo.com.

Can I try Silbo for free?

Of course! The Go Silbo™ app is free to download and use. After you sign up, we’ll give you a call to interview and verify you. After that, you can start officiating!

Can I work any games?

You can select any game that you are qualified to work. The Go Silbo™ app will show you the games you are eligible to work.

How Does Payment Work?

When you complete a game, we bill the game provide for your game fee. You will be paid for it that week via direct deposit. It’s that easy!

When does Silbo pay refs?

Silbo pays its referees weekly via direct deposit.

*We require this information in order to comply with security and compliance standards set by our payment processor, Stripe. Please note that Silbo does not retain any of your banking information. Instead, that information is stored securely with Stripe..