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As officials, one of the biggest problems that we can all agree on is not getting enough assignments. We’re officials because we enjoy officiating. We want to work more. But in the current officiating system where booking agents and assigners are king, we as officials are stuck on the bench, waiting for them to call our number.

As officials ourselves, we created Silbo to break referees free from the shackles of the assigners. There is no reason that you, a referee, should have to wait on an assigner to tell you if you can work, especially when you know that you are available and capable to work a game. Just as importantly, you should not have to accept a game from you assigner just because they can threaten not to give you more games. With Silbo, if you don’t want to drive an hour to a game, don’t want to work below a certain wage, don’t want to work a certain league, then you don’t have to. Silbo is freedom for the official.

The “assigner/assignee system” is ubiquitous and deeply ingrained. Referee.com, the magazine of the National Association of Sports Officials, even publishes articles such as “Eight Ways to Never Get Another Game”. This kind of pro-assigner propaganda is killing officiating. The article says that some ways to never get another game include:

  1. “Ratting out the concession stand to the health department” Officials should not have to tolerate unacceptable, dangerous behavior just so they can get more games.
  2. “If the demands of keeping up your officiating commitments don’t jive with your social life, stop kidding yourself and other people. Choose one or the other.” Officials shouldn’t have to choose between work and life balance. 
  3. Don’t “double-book yourself” Referees and officials should only accountable to their own schedule, which they control.
  4. Don’t “be a prima donna” like the referee who “who declared that he wasn’t leaving without his game fee.” You deserve to get paid when you work. 

At the end of the day, the article (and others like it) are merely tools of the system. They don’t give us solutions to the issues we face in officiating, only Band-Aids.

Sibo can actually solve these problems — offering solutions instead of compromises. No more asking for more games. No more wondering why you didn’t get them. No more worrying what your assigner thinks. No more tolerating late paychecks. 

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