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When I speak with league administrators, I tend to hear a certain negative point of view regarding the payment of their sports officials. It’s like they recognize there ought to be a better solution than what they have, but they don’t know what it is.

“It’s not pretty, but that’s the way we’ve always done it,” is a common sentiment.

“Well this assigner wants to pay officials through him, but another assigner wants me to pay the referees directly.”

“We have to scrounge together cash from parents at the field, which is a huge pain. I’ve had to make runs to the ATM at halftime!”

“I have to write 30 checks every week for the previous weekend’s games.”

One league administrator told me his (unbearable) process:

  • All referees sign the scorebooks when they arrive
  • On Monday, he gets the scorebooks from his site coordinators
  • He types — one by one! — each official and the amount they’re owed into a spreadsheet. (Imagine how complicated it gets when they do multiple games for multiple age levels with different wage rates.)
  • He then submits the spreadsheet to his finance department
  • The finance department then cuts the checks to each ref and mails them

The process takes his four hours every Monday. For a 40-hour-a-week job, that’s 10% of his week!

And Silbo can give 100% that time back to him.

With Silbo, all an administrator needs to do is enter their credit card or bank account information into the platform one time. After that, everything is automatic. All games are tracked in the system. All payments are sent automatically through digital direct deposit. You receive a charge on your card/account and can see each individual payment checked against every game played.

It’s that easy.

Download Silbo now and start fixing your problems! Contact us over email or call us right now!

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