CVCL, a premier a wood bat, summer baseball league, needed college-quality umpires for its games in both Virginia and North Carolina. Silbo sourced the umpires from its database and, through the RefXchange™ Marketplace, supplied those umpires for the CVCL’s games.

We run a highly competitive collegiate summer baseball league. We had a few problems with local umpires being able to keep up with the speed of the game. We contacted Silbo and umpires with college experience were at our games for the rest of the season.

Joe John
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Savings with Silbo

Pro 5 Baseball

Pro5 Academy, a baseball development program for aspiring college and professional baseball players, needed a larger pool of college-tier umpires for its games. With Silbo, Pro5 accessed a larger pool of qualified officials than it ever had before.

I used to spend hours on coordinating umpires for our events. With Silbo I get it done in minutes from my laptop.

Mike Griffen
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Savings with Silbo

North Wake

North Wake, a local baseball and softball league which supports up to 1,000 players in a season, needed a referee management solution that brought more umpires into their community and also managed the payments more easily. Silbo’s RefXchange™ Marketplace opened the league to over 100 qualified umpires in their first season together.

Silbo is an end to end solution for sports officials. From connecting to payment.

Mark Hammell
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Savings with Silbo

West Raleigh

West Raleigh, an elite youth baseball league for ages 4-14, sought a solution to more quickly and accurately pay their umpires as well as provide those officials their 1099s. Silbo’s payment and tax processing handled those automatically, saving West Raleigh countless hours and hundreds of dollars in checkbooks.

Silbo is a little different than what many people are used to but I went with it because you are going to get a more motivated official when they have a say in when and where they work.

Paul Lampe
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Savings with Silbo

Triple Crown Sports

Triple Crown Sports, a national tournament and athletic experience provider, sought a better way to manage the payment of its sports officials after the end of its tournaments. With Silbo, Triple Crown easily paid its umpires electronically via direct-deposit without writing a single check or reviewing which umpires worked which games.

The Silbo teams work ethic, high level thinking, and values are right in line with Triple Crown Sports. Their story reads like a novel.

Keri King
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Savings with Silbo

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